Ultra Bright LED Headlamp

$10.22 $15

Our LED Headlamp will give you convenient bright light wherever you need it. The Python Ridge Ultra Bright LED Headlamp had 6x white LEDs which are designed to give you the most light using the least power possible. This all translates to more visibility and a longer battery life. Free up both hands at night so you can work and play freely at anytime!

Perfect for hiking, bike riding, camping, hunting, fishing and working at night. There are 3 modes you can select from: Bright, ULTRA Bright, and Pulse. The Pulse setting can be used for emergency SOS purposes are during night time music to set the atmosphere.

This LED Headlamp is waterproof so you can easily have light in the rain when it's needed most. Weighing in at only 43g, you won't even notice it's on your head!


Estimated Delivery: 4-10 days


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