Clevr All-in-One Baby Carrier


 Our Clevr All-in-One Baby Carrier is ergonomic and  comfortable.

It is a natural next step after your little one outgrows the stage of being carried in a baby wrap or newborn carrier.

This backpack carrier is made of strong but lightweight material to protect your baby. It is studied with a robust and comfortable head pad that protects the healthy development of baby cervical spine. 

Featuring multiple pockets, thick padded shoulder pads, padded waist strap, and two side water bottle holders. Extra large back pocket to hold the included baby changing pad, bottles, diapers, phone, and keys. No need to carry extra bags along.

The baby carrier is totally waterproof and it keeps your baby protected, cool, and dry during all weather conditions. The safety belts and foot stirrups keep your baby in a secure position so comfortable they will fall asleep. The washable drool pad allows baby to rest their face on something soft and clean.

The Clevr All-in-One Baby Carrier has adjustable seat  and has all carry positions, including ergonomic, forward facing options: 

  • side lying (new born)
  • horizontal 
  • kangaroo
  • face to face
  • kangaroo laced
  • horizontal laced 
  • face to face laced
  • backpack


 Suitable for 0-48 months. 4 years, one carrier!


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