Protecting your eyes against UVB and UVA radiation, the PERFORMANCE Polarized Sunglasses are a complete expression of maximum flexibility. With 11 (eleven!) components, they can be conveniently configured for all around.

They have a dedicated sports ultralight frame, with low weight (only 19.2 grams) and durability.

The material of the frame is GRILAMID TR90 hypoallergenic and is strong enough for all the outdoor sports. The frame is comfortable and durable at the same time, as confirmed well by all the laboratory tests.

The rubber inserts and the adjustable nose piece keeps the frame firmly in place. The lens tints have been optimized for road cycling hiking and skiing, increasing contrasts on the surface and helping you to spot irregularities, holes, and gravel in time.



  • Plastic Frame
  • Polarized Lens
  • 100% UV400 Protection
  • Rubber insert on nose


    Our featured sunglasses case comes with:

    ✅ glasses bag
    ✅ glasses clean cloth
    ✅ night vision lens
    ✅ mercury lens
    ✅ polarized lens
    ✅ transparent lens
    ✅ sunglasses with color lens
    ✅ myopia frame
    ✅ polarized test card
    ✅ detachable temples





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